Parchet Lemn Masiv Stejar Rucela

Parchet din lemn masiv

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Parchet Lemn Masiv Stejar Rucela

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Established in 2000, RUCELA produces solid oak and beech wood flooring.

The love for wood and a continuous technological research make the entire production cycle to take place in the RUCELA production workshops. The careful selection of logs, sawing and primary processing, drying of the wood friezes in fully automated drying rooms, with drying programs specific to each wood and finishing on the SCHROEDER ultrasonic equipment are the steps taken to obtain a high quality and competitive product and 100% MADE IN ROMANIA.


Differences in shade, color or symmetry of the fibers are not considered defective, these are the distinctive features that differentiate the wood from the substitute products and allow to perform some real works of art by skilled craftsmen.

The parquet reacts hygroscopic also to changing environmental conditions. Wood absorbs humidity from the environment and dilates when moisture in the room increases or allows evaporation and contraction when air humidity decreases.

This can influence the change in the shape and size of the elements, and cracks can occur when the air humidity is too high or too short for a long time period. The most difficult period is winter, when air humidity decreases a lot. Then it is good to keep the desired humidity in the room, best with the electrical equipment for hydrating the rooms.

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